No Show & Late Policy

Due to the increased amount of “No Show” appointments, we have reluctantly decided to institute a policy to address the issue and prevent it from continuing. We understand that unforeseen circumstances arise but ask for consideration of our time as well as our other client’s time. As a courtesy, we provide one-way text reminder one business day before your appointment.

3 Strike Rule

Each “no show” appointment will be recorded in the client’s account. Since surgeries are booked out months in advance and blocked off for larger amounts of time, a surgery “no show” is 2 strikes. After 3 strikes your patient’s records will be sent to you, your account will be flagged, and you will be asked to seek veterinary care elsewhere.

What is a “No Show”?

Any client that does not show up for their scheduled appointment and does not notify the clinic ahead of their appointment time qualifies as a “No Show”.

Why are they an issue?

Our appointment schedule is booked out at least a week, if not many weeks, in advance for appointments and a few months for surgeries. On a regular basis we have a waiting list of pets that need to be seen. Though we do our best, we aren’t always able to fit in sick or injured patients, emergencies, etc. When a client doesn’t show up for their appointment, it is a missed opportunity to help a patient on the waiting list.

Late Appointments

One late appointment can throw off the entire day’s schedule. Rushing or “squeezing in” an appointment is unfair to your pet and contributes to decreased quality of care. We schedule 30-minute appointment slots. If you are 15 minutes late, you may be asked to reschedule at the discretion of the staff based on the current case load.