Preparing For Your Pet’s Appointment

Preparing For Your Pet’s Appointment

Being thoroughly prepared for your pet’s appointment ahead of time can increase efficiency and decrease waiting time. Here are some general guidelines to remember for an upcoming appointment.


Make sure to have medical records emailed to us from your previous vet ahead of time. If you have them in paper form, come a few minutes ahead of your appointment time so we can scan them into the computer. Our email is


Bring your pet’s medications, supplements, or special diets to their appointment. You may bring a list of them if it includes their active ingredients and strengths.


If you need refills of your pet’s medication or supplement, please call ahead of time or fill out the refill request form on our website. Do not wait until you are completely out. Certain products are special orders or can be on back order from the distributors. We want to make sure we have what you need in stock before you come.

Leashes & Carriers

Always keep your dog on a leash or cat in a carrier for their safety. Your pet may be very well behaved, but the other patients may not. If you do not have a leash, come in without your dog and grab one of ours. If you do not have a cat carrier, we have extras you may borrow.

Late or Unable to Make Appointment

If you are unable to make your appointment time, please call us. We often have a waiting list for appointments and can fill your spot given enough time. Our schedule may be adjustable, if not we can help you pick a better time to reschedule.

Pit Stop

Let your dog relieve themselves outside before their appointment. Often pets urinate or defecate when they are excited or nervous. Exception: If they are having urinary issues, we will need a sample. Please let us know when you arrive and we will come out with a collection tray.

GI Issues

If your pet is coming in for gastrointestinal issues, we are going to ask you many questions. Having the answers can help us narrow down the possible causes of the issue.

  • When was their last bowel movement?
  • What was the consistency?
  • How is their appetite? When did they last eat?
  • What are they eating? This includes table scraps and treats; be honest.
  • Could they have gotten into anything? Garbage, compost, gut pile, chewed up foreign material, etc.
  • Bring a sample with just in case. The fresher the better and refrigerate.

Know the Problem

If you are not able to attend your pet’s appointment, be sure the person bringing them in knows what the issues and history are. Playing phone tag with the primary caregiver who knows the pertinent information can cause delays. You can call ahead and give a history, but please give a good number to reach you in case we have additional questions or for permission to do diagnostics and treatments.


Since we are a new business we are unable to offer billing and do require payment at time of service. We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash. If you have any financial concerns or questions, please tell us before you appointment and especially before we perform and tests or treatments.

Give us a call today at 444-5797 to schedule an appointment for your pet.